About Hole' N one

Brief History of HOL N ONE Donut,

While Late Mr. Amer Al Rumaihi was on a trip to USA, he observed this wonderful delicious product and was fascinated and he shared his Vision with his eldest sibling Mr. Moh'd Al Rumaihi and thus this whole setup was born in this beautiful desert called Bahrain.

Initially he brought one set of fryer and open small outlet adjacent to the Rumaihi petrol station at Khames the reason to cater the moving people with this delicious easy food.

Late visionary MrAmer Al Rumaihi always had advance plans which he use to share with his eldest son Mr. Mohd Al Rumaihi, Their dedication and good planning was behind this successful Donut Company which call HOL N ONE.

Given Below report review the golden era of his founder and his successor.

  • January 24, 1990 HNO started his retail operation at Rumaihi Petrol station in Khames. It was a small store with production facilities. At that time its produce 12 kinds of Donut and started catering to Office, School, hotels and to US Navy Base.
  • As business was growing HNO moved to Juffair at the Palace Inn Hotel Compound. During that time HNO operated 5 retail stores with 20 staffs.
  • During the time of Kuwait innovation HNO was the main supplier of Donuts to US Marine and their task Force‚Äôs to Sakir air Base and Mina Salman Port.
  • 1993 HNO started30 varieties of Donut with more authentic production facilities extended to the other side of the same compound located at Shaikh Isa Avenue, With sitting capacity for 24 covers, observing overwhelming response family section was created with full coffee shop,ServingAmerican grounded filter Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso and Soft drinks.
  • The dream of father & son prospered with time and popularity, their efforts payed rich devednds, maintaining high quality product with competitive price brought positive result.
  • In order to reach schools, carnivals, parks,hospitals,exhibition and special occasion e.g. National day, funday and annual day function HNO created mobile outlets a part from popularity.It is generating good revenue.
  • In 1995 HNO expanded operation to Qatar at present there are 6 outlets running smoothly.
  • Currently HNO is holding 80% Bahrain market share specially donut supply. HNO operation has extended to 25 outlets with 72 workforces.
  • HNO has well Trained Baker, qualified sales teammaintaining food hygiene and well trained with POS operating system and to say the least we enjoy good reputation for our product and service.

"New mysteries. New day. Fresh doughnuts."